Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Repeat Crafter Me: Free Crochet Owl Hat Pattern

Hi Guys! Happy Wednesday! Its the middle of the week and i can already feel myself itching for the weekend, sitting impatiently at work, counting down the hours to when i can be relaxing at home, crocheting the day away :)

Today i want to share with you one of my all time favorite craft sites! Repeat crafter me :) She offers so many amazing diy crafts, free crochet patterns, recipes... the list goes on and on!

One of my all-time favorite and very popular creations for my shop is made with her free crochet owl pattern for sizes newborn to adult! Thats right: ALL SIZES! Finally a crafter who understands that not all of us want to do the math and have to figure out how to up the gauge to get the size we want/need for our projects. She also includes very detailed instructions with pictures and will answer your questions promptly :)

The anticipation is killing me..... so here you go!

Here is the link to the newborn sized free owl crochet hat pattern: (if you need bigger sizes, she has the link posted in there, just click & go)

Happy Crocheting! Have a great week and keep coming back for me free crochet patterns i find and share with you as well as a few of my own patterns too! All free..all the time :) Please follow me on pinterest or facebook too :)


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